Roullet-Fransac Brandy, France

Founded in 1838, Roullet-Fransac Brandy Co., Ltd. is located in the core area of France famous Brandy, France by Charente River, which is adjacent to Gognac Museum, Martell and Hennessy Headquarters.
The vineyard for brewing Roullet-Fransac Brandy is established on the slope of the right bank of Charente River in the core area of France famous Brandy, which is located in the warmest climate zone in the world where the reflected sunshine by the stony soil dyes grapes light golden with elegant sweetness. Compared with the fertile soil, although the dryness of the slope reduces the output of grapes, it endows grapes with special flavor.
The Choice of the King
As the earliest bottled Brandy manufacture in France famous Brandy, Roullet-Fransac, whose products made in 1865 were highly praised by Edward VII, the King of Britain as well as the King George V later, is well-known in Buckingham Palace thereby. In 1908, Roullet-Fransac was selected as a wine supplier of British imperial household, which was the first honor of companies in Brandy.
Representative products: Roullet-Fransac Brandy and Roullet-Fransac Family Liqueur

Plaimont Wine, France

Plaimont Group, the biggest brewing group in the southwest of France
Brilliant sunshine & full-bodied fruity aroma
From the southwestern production area in France where is full of brilliant sunshine
A rare grape variety with high content of “anthocyanin”
Unique oxygenated-fermentation technology retaining more full-bodied fruity aroma
Representative products: Compostelle series, Koln original series and Laperre Combes series