Our remittance information is as follows:

Great Customer Service Offices, Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Sales Co.

Bank: ICBC Yantai Branch

Account Number: 1606020509022630672

Taxpayer Identification Number: 370602071310532

Address: 56,Main Road, Zhifu District,YantaiCity

Fax: 6633679

Friendly reminder: 1. After payment success, please dial 400-6129-829 or 0535-6632087 to contact us for confirmation and timely goods delivery.

2. Please fax your bank receipt to 0535-6633679 and notify us by phone (note: 1. bank receipt must be faxed timely without delay; 2. To-be-purchased product information and contact information in detail must be filled in the bank receipt.).

Contact number: 400-6129-829 0535-6632087

Order process:

1.Telephone counseling: please dial customer service hotline 400-6129-829 if in any doubt and we will provide you with detailed solutions.

2. Agreement signing: please fill in your requirements in the agreement in detail for timely delivery taking.

3. Personalized design: in case of whole barrel order or personalized order business in batches, we can offer you with personalized package for purchased red wine (VIP exclusive products are spot goods, and can be delivered upon payment receipt without design demand).

4.Preparation for delivery taking: after payment receipt, we will arrange logistics for door-to-door delivery as soon as possible.